Now I’m just having fun

Now I’m just having fun

This is the latest installment in the 90-minute-shirt drama. Not that there is any drama anymore, now that I don’t make them for Simon. It’s more fun if I don’t have to bribe the child to put the shirt on. Of course, this took longer than 90 minutes, what with all of the handfeeding the needle around the cow’s spots. Blah. It made my hand hurt. But so worth it, right? And, yeah, I totally ripped of Sandra Boynton’s cow from “Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy.” I’m not very original, but at least it looks nice.

In case you are wondering about Oliver’s hair situation, it hasn’t grown at all since the day he was born. I cut off his little rat-tail months ago and it hasn’t grown a millimeter. Would someone enlighten me as to why his hair doesn’t grow? I’m puzzled. At least he is still pretty cute, even if his hirsuteness is minimal. Oh, and his (unfinished) pants are another of my repurposed t-shirt creations. Just fyi.

7 thoughts on “Now I’m just having fun

  1. That is a very cute shirt, and you’ve got a great model to show it off, too! I wouldn’t worry too much about his hair (good job using the word “hirsuteness” BTW – I only know that word because of Cameron’s medical-ese). Oliver has WAY more hair than Samuel did, and poor Samuel’s didn’t start growing until he was about 19 months!! Overall, I would say Oliver looks like a perfect kid right now. :0)

  2. How cute! I’m sure I’m going to need your help when I attempt to make such cute things! Oliver is adorable and I’m sure his hair will grow in abundantly before too long. Your hair is gorgeous Lizzie, but if I remember correctly it took it’s sweet time growing too. What was Micah’s hair like when he was a baby?

  3. You totally win in the creativity department. I love that cow…so fun! And the shirt looks fabulous. great work!

  4. So domestic. If I had a picture of myself at that age…you would probably see less hair. And my mom didn’t stick girly headbands or bows on me either, so I wasn’t very cute. Simon looks awesome, and is now sporting his awesome cow shirt. Love it.

  5. Oliver’s hair looks cute (as does his shirt). And this way, you don’t have to worry about getting him to sit still for a haircut.

  6. So true, Nancy. I count my blessings over that one. I gave Simon a haircut about two weeks ago, mainly through the power of bribery.

    I remember Simon’s hair taking a while to grow in as well, now that I think about it. I guess I was so excited that Oliver had at least a little bit to begin with I was kind of expecting a bit more by now . . . but I can be patient.

    Becca, Micah says he doesn’t remember what his hair looked like when he was Oliver’s age. Hahaha. Ha.

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