Imagine That

Imagine That

In the past two days, Simon has been flying (with wings made from a pillow), been on a boat (fashioned from our couch), turned our rug into water, and informed me that 7 members of my family, as well as several of my friends (the ones who are coming over right now, whoever they may be), are crocodiles.

This is fun. Let’s do it more often.

2 thoughts on “Imagine That

  1. I know I usually claim his good looks, and his incredible intellect, but I would also like to make it known that he gets his sense of people/crocodiles from me. Just putting it out there.

  2. My goodness, he looks so grown up in the picture!!! I love what kids are able to imagine. Samuel is just starting to imagine things – earlier today, his blanket was a chimney with smoke coming out of it! I’m excited for more adventures soon. :0)

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