It would be better if I had real pictures and a real story.

It would be better if I had real pictures and a real story.

Last night was “Date Night.” We took the boys over to some friends for some free babysitting and then went out to conquer Brooklyn with our camera. The plan was to take pictures, both so I could learn to use the camera better/faster and so I could have Micah art direct me on some shots so that maybe some day I could learn to take pictures of things that don’t have two eyes, a nose, a mouth and my head shape. It was going to be awesome. Going to be, because, you guessed it, we forgot to charge the camera battery and ran out of juice before we’d even been gone half an hour. Ha.

So we did the next best thing and walked around and talked about what pictures we would have taken if we’d had the camera. It was awesome. We also passed this actor, Garret Dillahunt, pictured at left, sitting on a stoop reading something. Probably a script. We toyed with the idea of going back and telling him how much we enjoyed his creepy character in “Life,” but I chickened out. After we got home and put the boys to bed, we watched some trailers from and he was in one of them. Not really a big deal except that I totally missed it and Micah had to point it out to me. Haha.

Next time we’ll remember to charge the battery and talk to the actor whose work we have enjoyed. And then I’ll have a real post with real pictures and a real story.

2 thoughts on “It would be better if I had real pictures and a real story.

  1. I hate it when the batteries in my camera die. It’s always at the worst moment, when you need the camera the most. Oh well, when we took our trip to NYC a few weeks ago, I didn’t even remember to bring any cameras, so I guess I shouldn’t get too annoyed with the batteries…

    Celebrity sitings are always fun. I didn’t have many, but I did run into Flight of the Concords and Charlie Gibson. Admittedly, I was a lot more excited to see the former than the latter, especially because they were shooting an episode at the time. ;0)

  2. So true, so true. Maybe someday we’ll be fancy enough to have two batteries so we always have a full. Wouldn’t that be novel?

    I’m surprised I haven’t had more celebrity sightings since we’ve been here. I think I saw Tobey Maguire once, and I practically ran into (literally) Sarah Vowell when I was hurrying to class one evening. I supposed maybe if I actually lived in Manhattan it might be different.

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