The _______ Child

The _______ Child

When Simon was born, he was a hefty, stocky little thing. It was easy to imagine him as a cannon ball, bouncing off walls, zooming through the hallways, climbing up the bookcases and engaging in other such feats of physicality. And here he is, three years later, a cautious little bookworm, who is at his most dangerous when “loving” his little brother.

You’d think I’d learn. But no. Oliver came out longer and leaner than Simon and I quickly pegged him as a sensitive soul, who would probably lag behind his brother’s developmental milestones and have an artistic bent. You know, because he was “scrawny.” He was going to be a baby longer than Simon because it would be forever before he learned to sit or crawl or stand or walk. Don’t ask me where these ideas come from. It’s ridiculous, but I couldn’t help jumping to conclusions.

And Oliver seems to be intent on proving me wrong at every turn. Not that he is not sensitive, because maybe he is. And maybe he will be more artistically inclined than his brother — it wouldn’t take much. But he certainly isn’t waiting to delve into those developmental milestones. He’s been sitting like a champ since he was 5 1/2 months, has two teeth busting through his bottom gums before he’s even 7 months old, and would prefer to stand, if only he had the balance. Even the doctor says he’s showing signs of being an early walker.

So I’ve been adjusting my perceptions of Oliver as of late and giving him a little more credit for his abilities. Today he got to splash in the “brook” at the Children’s Museum for the first time. He has his own seat at the table. (Simon wasn’t as happy about giving his chair to Oliver as one would hope, but at least he hasn’t done anything drastic.) And we think it’s about time we started encouraging him to sleep through the night a little more strongly. If anyone has any tips about how to go about doing that, please share. We’d be much obliged.

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  1. When Samuel was 9 or 10 months old, the book “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby” literally saved my life! Samuel was waking up constantly, I was only getting 30 minutes of sleep at a time, and within a few weeks, this book helped me get Samuel sleeping through the night. It would’ve happened faster if I weren’t a slow reader, so that’s my own fault, not the book’s.

    It’s fun that he’s getting so good at so many things so fast – he sure is a cute kid. It’s really fun getting to know their personalities more and more and watch as they develop into their own little people. :0)

  2. So cute! I love this picture! Oliver is getting big. His little pants aren’t drowning him! Ü It really is fun to get to know Simon’s and Oliver’s personalities and hear how they’re doing. I imagine it’s hard to not speculate on what they’re going to be like or how they’re going to progress especially since you have two little boys to compare, but it’s got to be so fun seeing them prove you wrong or finding out that you were right!

  3. I’ll look into that, Natalie. Oliver has been doing better now that his teeth have broken through, but it still feels tenuous. I’d love to get 7 uninterrupted hours before too long. :)

    Oliver is getting big. He’s too the point where he is rolling over in the middle of being changed, which is . . . annoying. Also, his pants aren’t drowning him largely because he has been wearing the same pants for about 4 months now. He’s due for a new wardrobe, but I’m a little lazy and haven’t gotten around to it.

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