Race Day Approacheth

Race Day Approacheth

Our race is only 2 days away. We’re in frantic resting and prepping modes. I volunteered to take charge of the pasta party. Don’t ask me why. I’ve already baked the 3 loaves of bread (thank you, Artisan Bread in 5), and we’ve got almost everything we need for the 3 types of pasta we’ll be cooking up tomorrow. Last night we cooked up a gallon of yogurt (I’m not even kidding), tonight I’ll be cutting up vegetables, and tomorrow I’ll be making 2 trips to the host apartment with all the stuff (and both the boys). Yeah, I could probably call a car and make it so much easier, but then I’d lose all my street cred. Plus, I need the exercise.

Hahaha. It’s a joke.

We also have some serious milestones on our hands — things that worry me far more than running 17 miles over the course of two days. Things like my elder child spending the night away from both his parents for the first time. Things like taking my younger child on a long car ride for the first time and not knowing how he’s going to handle it. (My fingers are crossed that he reacts like he does to the jogging stroller and becomes blessedly mute.) Yes, it’s always the wee ones that cause the most concern. I’m sure Simon will have a great time with his (and our) friends and probably never want to come home, but I’m not so sure about Oliver. The poor child has had the hardest time falling — and staying — asleep this week. I put him to bed 4 times last night. And Micah put him to bed at least that many times the night before. He finally ended up sleeping in our bed last night, which I do not prefer, but if it means getting some sleep in the days leading up to the race, I suppose I can put up with it.

ps If you are tired of pictures of the boys, I apologize. It is going to take me a while to get over the excitement of the new blog and chill out with the pictures.

8 thoughts on “Race Day Approacheth

  1. Lizzie, if you stop putting up pictures of the boys I may stop reading your blog.

    Hahaha. Its a joke. 😉

    Good luck with the race! And the food. And the boys.

  2. dito. I love the pics of the kids :)

    Also, I didn’t know you “cook” yogurt. I thought it was more like you let milk sit out for a long time or something…

  3. I agree that you should definitely keep putting lots of pictures of Oliver and Simon up, those pictures make the blog extra fun. :0)

    Maybe I missed something in an earlier post – is the pasta party for which you did all the cooking connected to the race, or are those two completely separate things? Just wondering.

    Good luck with all the running, I’m sure you’ll both do great and that your boys will be good sports, too!!

  4. Summer, to make yogurt, you heat milk to about 185 degrees, then let it cool and add a couple of spoonfuls of . . . yogurt. Then let it sit in a warm place overnight. So it is both cooked and set out for a long time.

    Natalie, the pasta party is so we can load up on carbs and theoretically have enough energy to run the race. It’s also a chance for everyone to get together and celebrate the end of training. Good times should be had by all, I’m sure. And I hope the food doesn’t make everyone sick. (Knock on wood.)

    Thanks for the well-wishes. I’m sure I’ll tell you way more than you really want to know when it’s all over. :)

  5. if oliver puts up a fight sleeping, just have him run the night leg of the race with you, that ought to make him sleepy. and yea for pasta, I am excited to “carbo-load”.

  6. I love the pics of the boys! Don’t worry about putting too many on there, in fact, make it a party and put some of you and Micah on there too!!!!

    You’re amazing. Good luck with your race. :) I hope Oliver enjoyed the drive. Simon will be fine. You will do great. Have fun!

  7. Way to make what, to me, sounds like torture into a really fun social event; now that’s something I can relate to! I’m excited for you guys! Who’s watching the kids?

  8. Shiloh, I was going to say that you are lucky you weren’t in the same car as Oliver, but he was great, so our van was not tortured by his cries.

    Missy, we just had some friends in the ward watch him. They have two kids close to his age and they all get along really well together. He had a great time and didn’t even miss us. :)

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