One thing leads to another

One thing leads to another

So, your husband goes on a business trip to Vermont for a few days and you spend a lot of time looking at a map with your 3-year-old talking about where Vermont is, and then he wants to know where Grandma H. and Grandma and Grandpa B. live, and then where Cousins Raina and Milo live, and then where Uncle Jon lives, and before you know it he is acting like a 5th grader and singing the state song over and over and over like he has to perform it at an assembly next week or something.

8 thoughts on “One thing leads to another

  1. Is it weird that I just want to kiss his cheek? He’s really cute. And, brilliantly wonderful. But, I know you know that.

  2. I’m sure he does, Abby. 100% sure. :)

    Thanks Misty. He was really excited to perform, for once. I also want to kiss his cheeks, although I feel that maybe they have been neglected since the competition was born. They could use all the loving they can get.

  3. Abby, he may have his intelligence from you, but I’m pretty sure that he gets his cuteness from me. Lizzie, how do you feel about him not being able to sit still for one moment?

  4. I’m impressed. Especially because he could correctly pronounce every state. Usually the youngest kids whom I’ve heard sing this song will mush state names together and things like that. Well done, Simon.

  5. And then he just went through the song and pointed to every state on the map, which I had no idea he could do. The boy teaches himself. I don’t have to do anything.

    Oh, and just for the record, if you are planning to teach your own children this song, be warned that it gets old fast.

  6. So cool. I remember teaching my little brother this song (actually I think my sister taught him mostly) at about the same age. And I also remember it getting old fast. :) What a smart kid you have! :)

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