Training means:

  • changing my clothes 5 times a day
  • sweaty, stinky shirts strewn about the apartment to dry before the next run
  • baggies full of cracker crumbs sitting on the table
  • waking up before the boys several times a week
  • answering lots of questions about the FiveFingers mid-run
  • asking Simon to cheer us on as we push him and Oliver up the hill

but it ends in about 10 days. And then I think we’re going to take a break, put our running clothes in the drawer, let the boys wake us up, and avoid the darn hill . . . for at least a week. Because we’ll need to stay in shape for the 1/2 marathon we’re running in July.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Oh, yeah, I remember. So we can feel good about downing a quart and a half of ice cream every week.

2 thoughts on “Two-a-days

  1. I’m always impressed with your ability to keep going and to be so strong! I’m glad you guys enjoy running so much – maybe in the next life when my knees are better I’ll be able to better appreciate the joys of running. :0) Anyways, good luck with your two-a-days!!

  2. Lizzie,

    I love it. You are awesome. I’m trying to get into running….I’ve only gone twice…trying to get into going 3 times a week. It’s almost embarrassing, but I’m working at it. And it helps that I have a patient husband who knows I’m out of shape but goes running with me anyway. Thanks for being an inspiring person.

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