Long Live Knotty Strings

Long Live Knotty Strings

Welcome to our new home. This redesign/relaunch has been a long time coming and there may still be a few bugs to work out, but don’t give up on us yet. We’ll have the same quality content you have come to expect from us over at the Green Wallet, but in fancy new packaging, a name that Lizzie doesn’t hate and with a few bonus features thrown in.

We have a few requests of you:

1. There are still bugs that need to work out. If you find something strange please leave a comment telling me what the problem is and what browser you use.
2. We are not sure if the RSS feed is working yet. So, if you wouldn’t mind telling anyone you know that we are, in fact, not stopping our blogging fun, that would be great.
3. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them.

Thanks so much. Happy blogging one and all.

7 thoughts on “Long Live Knotty Strings

  1. Talk about relieved!! When I saw “RIP” along with “Green Wallet”, I – along with everyone else that loves your updates & insights – have to admit that my heart stopped for a sec. lol!! Happy to know that you guys are here to stay…for a while anyway. =)

  2. Hey! Ok, I’m relieved! (phew!) I checked out the links and such. Things look pretty good. I did find out an interesting tid-bit:
    I didn’t realize you guys had a connection to “the luckiest”. That was our song at our wedding!

  3. Oh good, I couldn’t believe you were giving up blogging, but then I was worried that something bad had happened that made you decide to give it up. The new look is great, what a fun project!!

    I’ve been using Google Reader to let me know when you’ve posted, but that doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Should I use the RSS feed instead??

  4. The RSS feed is now working, and you can use it through Google Reader, I believe. I had to re-subscribe after we moved the blog to wordpress, so I assume a lot of you will too.

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