R.I.P. Green Wallet

R.I.P. Green Wallet

Well folks, after over four years and 500 posts we are finally calling it quits. The Green Wallet has been a fun ride and we have really enjoyed writing about our lives and reading everything you all had to say. But, like all good things, this too must come to an end.

Thanks for the good times,

Micah & Lizzie.

12 thoughts on “R.I.P. Green Wallet

  1. whaaaaaat? why? i feel all caught off guard by this, but i admire you too. my mother and sisters would kill me if i quit blogging, but boy would it be fun! :) how will i know just how similar our kids and lives are now??

    i demand an explanation.

    although you totally dont owe me one. :)

  2. I'm stunned. Absolutely stunned. I kept looking at the date, this isn't an April fools day thing, right? (sigh)

  3. I've been keeping up with you guys since leaving Hawaii through the green wallet. I'll miss hearing all the latest in the Heiselt household. Your family will continue to be in my thoughts!

    Take care and best wishes,

  4. So wait, are you going to start another blog, or are you quitting all together??

  5. I second everything that has been said thus far.
    But I guess since I'm related I'll still be posted on the doings of the Heiselt family, correct?

  6. It will be as if you guys have dropped off the face of the planet for me! I only know anything about your life after Hawaii because of the Green Wallet.

    Is there any chance that you are going to change your mind? What made you decide to do it?

  7. It was fun to keep up with you guys, and I think it was you who introduced us to Charlie & Lola, which my daughter loves. But is it weird that I think I'll miss the Peep Show the most? So, so funny!

  8. It's amazing when strangers become friends, but it's sad when friends become strangers.

    Come on guys! I believe in resurrection. Your peep show brought much joy to those who live half way around the globe and down under. :)

    Whatever you decide to do…we'll live with…just will miss the very good skill of a good writer on her blog. :) Hope you all are doing well.

  9. Sorry if anyone really thought that we were ending out blogging career. I was mostly just trying to be funny, but I probably didn’t succeed very well.

    I hope you like the new blog, though.

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