I'll get it if it kills me.

I'll get it if it kills me.

I worked on the blasted shirt a little bit more last night. And again this morning. Don’t ask me how demoralizing it is that I’ve now been working on this thing for three days and it still isn’t perfect. Nope, not perfect. But it is okay. Much better than before. It’s just the left sleeve/neckline that is giving me issues. I will fix it. And then I will perfect the pattern. And then I will make a 90-minute shirt in 90 minutes. And then I will cry with joy. And blog about that as well.Don’t you worry, I had to bribe the boy to put the shirt on and then bribe him again to stay still and smile for the camera. He tells me he never wants to wear it anyway, so it really doesn’t even matter that it looks so funny.

9 thoughts on “I'll get it if it kills me.

  1. Even if he doesn't wear it, you got another one coming down the pike, whom I'm sure wouldn't mind wearing it, and if he doesn't you can just make an Abby sized one and I'll wear it 'cause they are just that fun.

  2. Cute! I think it looks great! And Peter didn't like it the first time I stuck it on him either. :)

  3. I think it looks good on Simon, and if he's anything like Samuel, it takes him a day or two to warm up to new clothes. And seriously, I'm always impressed with anyone who can sew! I think I was in college before I realized that it's possible to make clothes and not just buy them in the store.

  4. I really do like those shirts. I checked out Jodie's blog too and am definitely impressed with you ladies. I think Simon looks cute- love that smile!

  5. Not that anybody really cares, but I fixed the shirt. Now I just have to fix the pattern and all should be well. I'll be whipping out 90 minute shirts every 90 minutes for the rest of my life.

  6. omg lizzie – he is just the cutest! sorry, it's just been a while since i've caught up on your blog. and can i just say that you & micah are like the coolest parents ever?!!

  7. Love it! I want to try it someday…too bad I’m burnt out on craftiness for a wee while…maybe this fall?

    If you have any other tips, please share!

    Such a cute shirt on such a cute boy!

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