Dear Jodie,

Dear Jodie,

Please come to NYC to teach me to make patterns so that I, too, can sew my boys some adorable envelope shirts. Believe me, I tried to do it on my own. But after spending the equivalent of two naptimes on the supposed 90 minute project, with multiple unpickings and alterations and nothing wearable to show for it, I’m willing to admit that I need help.

Apparently, I stink at pattern-making.


ps Bring chocolate. Please. Dark is good. No nuts. Please. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Dear Jodie,

  1. Oh man! I'm so sorry! I think that I had a little advantage, though, that I learned how to read a pattern in my sewing class at BYU, so now I understand how the pieces all work and (should) fit together. It makes my sewing projects much quicker. Maybe you could send me your pieces and I could make a pattern for you? Don't give up! I have faith that you can do it! :)

    Love, Jodie

  2. Oh my oh my. I noticed those on Jodie's blog and now that I have a little boy, I feel like I have an obligation to make one because it's just so darn cute. But I haven't made an attempt because I'm afraid I'll have an experience much like yours.

  3. I'm impressed with anyone who can even attempt to sew. It is definitely not one of my talents!!

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