He's three.

He's three.

Over the past few days our kitchen floor has developed a light dusting of red along with some nice red splotches. I’m sure they’ll come up when I mop, but who has time to mop when their eldest child is turning three? Not I. There was cake to be baked, food to prepare, presents to wrap (and, in one case, spray paint — hence the red dust on the kitchen floor), a party to plan. And then, of course, there was the actual celebration of the birth of the most fantastic 3-year-old currently on the face of the earth. How do you celebrate such a momentous occasion? With lots of red, it turns out. And balloons. We thought it wouldn’t be a real party without balloons, and it turns out that the party actually was the balloons, as 5 children ages 5 and under demonstrated for us. I would love to document every moment, from loading up our stroller as if it were an SUV to asking random people at the park if they had a lighter for the candles (no luck), but it just can’t be done. Nor is there enough room for the 170ish pictures we took throughout the day (excessive? maybe — but he only turns 3 once, and it’s hard to get good pictures of such wiggly children).
Even with the wind and the cold and the threat of rain, we had a great time. Of course. Because what could be more fun than celebrating Simon? And we know he is indeed three because despite all the effort we put into the cake and the party and getting the right gifts and everything else, the thing that excited Simon most — that caught his attention and wouldn’t let it go — was a tape measure in the shape of a dinosaur.Someday, 50 years from now, he’ll appreciate everything we’ve done for him.

6 thoughts on “He's three.

  1. ambrose was supposed to be kissing me goodnight but he ran over here instead and said, "WHOS THIS??" and I said, "That's Simon." and he said, "OH good! He had a birthday!!!!"

    Anyway, happy birthday Simon from us!

  2. "loading up our stroller as if it were an SUV" brings back fond memories of two years ago when we did the same, for his first birthday, and Becca decided to rip some poor woman's knee cap off with her luggage. Good times.

  3. Oh my goodness! So cute! So I'm guessing it was a red theme… Is that Simon's favorite color? I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!

  4. Happy birthday, Simon!!! My goodness, I swear it wasn't that long ago that he was having a luau for his birthday party, but I guess it's been two years already! It looks like it was a great day, I'm glad you got to celebrate so much!

  5. How fun! I loved being able to spend his first birthday with him and look forward to another one sometime down the road. Abby's comment brings back vivid memories of that day. What were we thinking?! I guess we had to get back to Utah right away, but it stressed me out just a bit. And for the record, I did not mean to nearly rip that poor woman's knee cap off or harm her in any way. I hope she doesn't hate me!

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