Easterishness. Better late than never?

Easterishness. Better late than never?

So, a week and a half has passed and Simon is still requesting we hide some eggs so he can find them. And when he says eggs, he means candy. (He is unaware that we still have some of his Halloween stashed away just waiting for him to find it so that we have a reason to throw it away already.) We had a great time with the egg hunt, mostly because it didn’t occur to the boy that he could find all the eggs at once and then have a big ol’ pile of candy. So the Easter egg hunt lasted late into the evening — or even Monday morning — as he would find one, pop it open, shovel the contents into his mouth, and forget about finding any more. Actually, he was more than generous about sharing his loot with his loving parents, and really really wanted to share with his brother too. I’m sure Oliver will one day love m&ms, but today is not that day. We loved asking him to go see if he could find some book or ingredient and then have him come back jumping for joy with another egg in his hand, jellybean juice dripping down his chin. We’re so sly.
We didn’t do all candy eggs, of course. We also did hard-boiled, dyed with onion skins. After he found the first one, he ran to the kitchen, got himself a spoon and assumed the roll of Lola in “I’m Really Really Really Concentrating.” It wasn’t until all of the hard-boiled eggs were severely cracked that he finally put the egg-and-spoon-race to rest. We enjoyed it while it lasted.

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  1. I think this was the first year that I missed out on all the Easter fun. Jon and I missed the niece and nephew's hunt when his family had it- it was so fun watching them search for treasures last year. We didn't dye any eggs either, just enjoyed the candy Mom and Dad always divvy out for us kids. I love the stage Simon is at and love hearing about it!

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