We now resume our regular blogging schedule.

We now resume our regular blogging schedule.

Micah tells me that I woke up twice last night to tell him it was his turn to take care of Oliver. I have no memory of either event. Apparently after we rolled into bed at 12:40 (and then I promptly rolled back out to feed the wee one), I decided I was done for the night and that Oliver was too. It felt good to be that tired and to sleep like the dead for 6 1/2 hours. I think we had earned it. We put roughly 30 miles on our legs between Saturday evening and Tuesday morning over the course of 4 separate runs — and Sunday was a rest day. The Ragnar Relay is a month away and it’s about time we got serious about training. So it’s no wonder that I slept like a rock. It’s a shame I was too tired to let Micah do the same.

(Don’t let their faces fool you. They love the stroller as much as we do.)

Incidentally, these two make wonderful running buddies. Oliver becomes mute the second we put him in the stroller and Simon reminds us to stop at all the lights. And together they provide the resistance needed for a much harder workout than we’ve put ourselves through in a while. Especially going up hills. We love us some nice hills. They take our breath away.

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  1. The boys look so cute! Our three mile run took my breath away the other day and we didn't have any hills to speak of! I'm so excited for your relay and have decided that if signing up for another race is the only way to get me motiviated to run I'd better do it! Can't wait to hear about it!

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