Peep Show 2010

Peep Show 2010

Thanks to everyone who participated this year! We love what you’ve all done. A few matters of business:

1. To vote, leave a comment with your top three picks. Your first choice will get 3 points, second choice will get 2 points, and third place will get 1 point.
2. Voting will close midnight (Eastern time) on Saturday April 10th.

**UPDATED Note again: The final entry has been posted.**

**UPDATED Note #2: I just added entry #14. We normally want to be fairly strict about late entries, but the tardiness does not appear to be creator’s fault. It was actually done early and had a hard time getting to us. Feel free to vote for it if you so choose.**

Prizes include: a felt crayon roll, a baby dress, a tote, a small globe (OR) a new Mo-Tab Christmas dvd (OR) treats if the winner lives near Layton, UT. First place winner will get first pick, second place get second pick, etc. Any additional donations will be added to the list as they are submitted. (Those who are donating, could you please send me a picture of your donations? Thanks.)

1. Goldilocks and the Three Peeps

2. Peepcher

3. Peeps Playing Football

4. Peep Robot

5. Colorful Peep Village

6. Exploding Peep Volcano

7. The Springville Peep Stake Youth Dance

8. Peep Hole

9. Peepers of the Deep (alternative title: Creatures of the Peep)

10. Pang the Peepatar

11. Down the Peepit Hole

12. Jurassic Peep Park

13. Jeepers Peepers!

14. The Three Apeepos
15. Little Bo Peeps

40 thoughts on “Peep Show 2010

  1. First off, I missed this yet again. Parents in town, staying Koolina, and crashed harddrive = blah blah blah, but true.


    1. exploding peep volcano
    2. down the peepit hole
    3. and that cute peep robot witht he cute little boys!

  2. Really by: Shalice

    I couldn't get this to work on my own email.

    My votes are:

    1. Peeps playing football
    2. Exploding peep volcano
    3. Colorful peep village

  3. Here are my choices in the order given:


    The peep hole one was hilarious. Simple but VERY clever!

  4. Okay, here I go:

    7. Love it. So much. Hilarious.
    1. Goldilocks and the Three Peeps. That family makes me laugh.
    9. Merpeep-le. Ha.

  5. Here are my votes:

    7. I love it as well. So funny and creative!
    10. Awesome.
    13. It just made me smile. Ü

  6. a picture of the prize? um, that would be going on the assumption that it's already made. Hmmm, better get on that…

  7. This is Mom Blackhurst. My votes are:

    2. Peecher
    7. The Stake Dance
    10. Pang the last peepatar

  8. 9. Peepers of the Deep
    10. (tie) Pang the (last) Peepatar and 2. Peepcher
    7. The Springville Peep Stake Youth Dance

  9. 14 (I'm just going to choose one, because nothing can compete with El Guapo's yellow sweater)

  10. I'll go with

    9- Cool color effects
    7- Ya gotta love a youth dance
    14- I love the Peep outfits

  11. They're all awesome, I'm always so impressed with everyone's creativity! I think there are a lot of ties, but I'll say…


  12. 1. Peepcher
    2. Peepers of the Deep
    3. Stake Dance

    These are so fun! I totally forgot again, but there's always next year, right?

  13. 14 by far, the sweater is hilarious!! and the amigo hanging upside-down made me smile.
    can i just vote 14 for all three? if not, then second would be 1 (goldilocks and the three peeps), followed by 9 (peepers of the deep)

  14. 1 14, The Three Apeepos! "Can I have your watch when you are dead?"
    2 9 Peepers of the Deep!
    3 1 Goldilocks and the three peeps!
    4 15, i'll just throw one vote for me out there, even if it doesn't count as number four!
    they were all amazing! and so cute..

  15. this is Hilary the cousin,

    I love Springville Youth Stake Peep Dance. It's like social realism, all the girl peeps stick together, the guy peeps go on solitary rove mode, and the basketball team is trying to get in and play. Excellent!

    The Three Apeepos
    how amazing, a funny movie represented in a funny peepshow.

    third is tied for Goldilocks and the Three Peeps, Peepcher, and Peepers of the Deep, all very detailed, creative, and create a real peep world in one shot. Bravo!

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