My Peep Show prize offering

My Peep Show prize offering

Oliver was gracious enough to volunteer as the model for my Peep Show prize. Well, gracious in the sense that he didn’t scream like he did the last time I put a dress on him. Not so gracious in the sense that he did spit up all over the skirt the second I had him in it. Don’t worry, I’ll wash it.It is supposed to be 1-3 month dress for a little girl. As you can see, it is possible to squeeze a 15-ish pound, 5-month-old little boy into it, but only if it is late and he is procrastinating going back to bed. It’s amazing what kids will do to stay up with Mom and Dad for a few more minutes.
The little bird was kind of an experiment — a successful one, I believe. After I wash it, it will fray around the edges a little more and give it a nice feathery look. At least that was the plan. Okay, so it evolved into the plan after I realized that my zig-zagging skills need some work. Still, it turned out well. Micah even says so and he’s picky about these things.

I hope somebody who is having a little girl, wants to have a little girl, or knows someone who is having a little girl, chooses this dress as their prize. If not, no worries. I’m sure one of the other 7,539 pregnant girls I know will be interested.

7 thoughts on “My Peep Show prize offering

  1. I love it Lizzie! How adorable- if only we were expecting… And so nice of Oliver to be so accomodating! He makes a lovely model.

  2. I just got off the phone with a friend I haven't seen in forever who has a little girl, and for a second I was totally confused – didn't the Heiselts have a boy??? Glad you set me straight. ;0)

    That's a super cute dress, good job on making it!!

  3. I wonder how Oliver will react when he sees these pictures in the future. :)

    Super cute though! If I were expecting a girl I would want one.

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    7. The Springville Peep Stake Youth Dance

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