Boiled bread . . . yuck.

Boiled bread . . . yuck.

You know your meal plan was a spectacular failure when the thing that pops into your mind as you are serving dinner is the scene from “Better Off Dead” in which Lane’s mother serves his father boiled bacon (“I know how you hate the grease from fried bacon . . . .”) and it migrates off his plate and onto the floor. (I tried to find a video clip or a picture for you to enjoy, but was unsuccessful, so you’ll have to be satisfied with the rockin’ hamburger from the same film.)
I ate two bites and turned it over to Micah to make something edible out of it, which he did. And, naturally, Simon couldn’t get enough of it. It was the first time in recent memory where the first words out of his mouth when he saw dinner were not, “I don’t like it,” and the first time in which he not only asked for seconds, but also thirds and fourths.

3 thoughts on “Boiled bread . . . yuck.

  1. Even worse is when you make something your family doesn't like, forget to mark or toss the recipe, and make it again.

    We love that movie too. "It's got raisins in it. You like raisins."

  2. I love that movie! I keep trying to get Cameron to watch it, but we don't have a copy of it. Best line: "Gee Ricky, I'm sorry your mom blew up…"

    The other day I made a new recipe; it took me a couple of hours to cook it (which, for me, is a very long time), and as soon as it was out of the oven the smell almost made me ill. Cameron and Samuel loved it, but the thought still makes me feel sick. Gotta love some of those small perks of being pregnant… ;0)

  3. cooking for family is all about the international language. you know. Love. i think i'm going to have to rip out our VHS copy of BOD and watch it this weekend. thanks!

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