Am I unrecognizable, or just forgettable?

Am I unrecognizable, or just forgettable?

There was a boy I went to high school with at my ward today. I only barely recognized him, and I actually asked Micah to introduce himself and confirm my suspicions before I waltzed up and asked him if he graduated from Bountiful High in 2002. It turns out I was right, it was who I thought it was. And he didn’t remember me at all. At least not my name. Micah told him that it was okay, I’m the kind of person that remembers and recognizes people from way far back, which is true. I didn’t necessarily expect him to remember my face because I don’t think we ever had any classes together, but I kind of thought he could have recognized my name. I wasn’t popular in high school, but I thought my name at least got around because I was a good student and all of the things that entails. Apparently, I was wrong. And he was just visiting (all the way from Manhattan), so I may not get the chance to jog his memory any time soon.

I’m only mentioning this because this is at least the 4th time that someone that I knew from high school, or someone that was well acquainted with my family (as in, we’re neighbors) did not recognize me when our paths crossed. One of these people I had counted as a friend in high school (if only in a loose sense), but when I ran into him a few years later, he didn’t recognize either my name or my face.

I guess being completely forgettable could be a good thing. Especially since I was such an awkward nerd until . . . hmm, until I met Micah? Or maybe I’m still an awkward nerd, but being with him makes it seem okay (as in, yes, I’m an awkward nerd, but look at this fine specimen of a man I managed to seduce anyway — having such a handsome husband does loads for my confidence level).

Then again, it is kind of deflating to find that I have left such a negligible impact on the lives of people whose names, faces, voices, laughs, random quirks, life stories, I can recall in a moment.


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  1. I thought I was the kind of person that remembered people pretty well, but a few years ago a girl I went to high school recognized me, even remembered my name, and I didn't remember her at all. It felt really weird. But it made me feel special that she remembered me, because I kind of thought I was one of those forgettable people. It's nice to be remembered, and I think that remembering people like you should be applauded.

  2. I usually just automatically assume no one remembers me so at least you have optimism on your side. :) here's something though: I barely met you through diana and then I kinda felt that we had to be friends so I would ask her about you and feel hurt when we weren't invited to dinner and costume parties when the palmers were. Hurt! And you really didn't even know me! Haha so you def weren't forgettable to me. :)

  3. Stephanie, you are probably right that there probably are a lot of people that I would not remember from high school who would remember me, and I'm sure I would feel awful if our paths crossed and I didn't remember.

    A Mermaid, and that is why we are friends. I know I would have had the same reaction if we had ever heard about the parties that you had that we weren't invited to. :) I know because I have that reaction just about every time I hear about a party that I am not invited to, even when I don't know anybody else who was there. I've said it before and I'll say it again: one of my regrets from Hawaii is not hanging out with you more. Maybe we'll move back and make things right.:)

    Eliza, it was Greg Reeves. I don't know how well you knew him but I didn't know him too well and my first thought when I saw him was, "That's Greg Reeves." And then I talked myself out of it. And then I talked myself back into it. I did that a few times before I finally asked Micah to find out during Elders quorum. He was probably 18 the last time I saw him, so it was hard to do the age progression in my mind. If I hadn't thought it was him right off the bat, I would have said he was several years older than me. But then, I don't think I've changed that much since high school. I'm sure those who haven't seen me since then would disagree.

  4. It's funny you should say that, because here's a story you might not know. I don't remember where it was, but I met you and Micah at some IMC function.

    Meg introduced me to Micah, and Micah introduced you to us. When we walked away, I said to Meg, "before we started dating, I saw that girl at a table near the Cougar-eat reading a book. I sat down across from her, and that was the closest I ever came to asking out a complete stranger. We shared a few glances, but I never got up the nerve."

    Hopefully that is more flattering than weird. It all worked out for the best, of course, and I think it got me closer to getting up the nerve to seduce my good friend Meg.

  5. Lizzie I totally know how you feel! I get that "how do I know you?" a lot. I stopped feeling bad if someone didn't recognize me though because I know that often it has nothing to do with how forgettable I am but how forgetful they are.

  6. I think I would actually be kind of happy if people from high school didn't recognize me, both because I was awkward and because I'm not super keen on getting reacquainted with many of my former colleagues (most of them have taken very different paths in life). I still have a few friends I keep in touch with from HS, but not many.

    And I agree with Sarah – I think that probably it has a lot more to do with people being forgetful than you being forgettable.

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