Say it ain't so.

Say it ain't so.

It was recently brought to my attention that these exist. And have existed for almost as long as I’ve been alive.
(I know essentially it’s a breakfast corndog. But why do corndogs exist? And with chocolate chips? Really?)

I told Micah about them. His response: “It’s amazing the things people aren’t scared of.”


6 thoughts on “Say it ain't so.

  1. Weird, but after viewing this I was craving a corn dog…. I don't even like corn dogs!

  2. chocolate chips? i am not much of a corn dog fan, though, so maybe that would make a difference.

  3. ambrose just pointed to the picture of them on your blog and said, "i want to watch that movie."

  4. Stephanie, did you tell him it was a scary movie?

    Meg, I can think of nothing else that would make a corn dog more palatable than chocolate chips.

    Summer, I can think of only one reason you might have such a bizarre craving . . . .

    Brad, we are excited to see you guys too. And thanks for the link to that article. Fascinating.

  5. I actually just noticed those in the store yesterday (though w/o the chocolate chips). It almost sounds oddly good, but at the same time it kind of makes me ill thinking about it. I actually like corn dogs once in a while, and I love pancakes and sausage, so who knows??

    I have to admit, though, that for the past, oh, six months anything with sausage has made me nauseous, so my opinion is probably very skewed right now.

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