Brad Needs Your Help!

Brad Needs Your Help!

Hello everybody. Two weeks ago I wrote a post about a product development contest my company is running. Our good friend, and super creative and talented guy, Brad entered the contest and has made it to the final five. His idea is really great and I think he should win.
In the final round the winner is chosen from those five by the votes of our facebook fans. Brad is doing really well on his own, but if he is to win we need everybody to spread the word and go and vote for him (you only have to do it once).
Here are the super simple steps:

1. Go to the UncommonGoods facebook page.
2. If you are not a fan already then become one.
3. Click that you “Like” the Brainy Blocks post.
4. Blog, email, & tweet all of your friends and family to do the same.

That’s it. The winner will be the person who gets the most “Likes.”

Hey, I just had an idea. Just for kicks, let’s make this a contest too. If Brad wins and we develop and sell his blocks then I will send a free set to the person who managed to get the most people to vote for him. Just leave a comment on this post when all is said and done letting us know how influential you were. Just remember, honesty is a virtue.

11 thoughts on “Brad Needs Your Help!

  1. I should mention that my brother Adrian also submitted a super awesome entry that I think would have also made it to the finals. Unfortunately, he became guilty by association and was turned down by the head merchant. Sad.

  2. Thanks Micah. And I'd like to see Adrian's product. He made a really cool cutting board a few years ago, I remember.

  3. coming to visit NYC would definitely be awesome–even if i am 35 weeks pregnant. or 36. thanks for the support.
    i second seeing adrian's product. that cutting board was rad.

  4. That's an awesome video, and it totally makes me miss the Waterfront Park!!!! I'll definitely give him my vote and try to get more for him, but only if he promises to send me a toddler Mariners hat for Samuel. :0) (J/K about that last bit, of course.)

  5. Alright, it is official. Brad won!

    Now, just let us know how many people you recruited for the cause and the winner will win a set of blocks when/if they are developed.

    If they aren't, then I think we can still come up with something for you.

    Thanks again.

  6. Well, I did my best. But even with my post/giveaway and my facebook statuses…I only recruited 10 people. But those 10 were important, right? :)

  7. I'm afraid I wasn't able to do much recruiting, but I'm glad he still won!!! Congrats to Brad!

  8. Unless there are any objections, we will be declaring Jodie the winner. Good job Jodie. I loved the fact that you built a give-away on top of the contest that was on top of another contest. Genius.

    I'll let you know how development goes and you will get a set as soon (assuming they are) made.

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