Blegging for Peep Show prizes

Blegging for Peep Show prizes

The Peep Show. And prizes. Last year we had prizes donated by various people and that seemed to work out pretty well. The winner got a logo designed by Micah, second prize got a scarf, and next time we’re in Utah we’ll be getting backflip lessons, I believe.

And so we’re thinking of doing that again. We already have someone willing to donate a handmade felt crayon roll, so you can keep your crayons nice and organized while you doodle during sacrament meeting. I mean, your kids can keep their crayons nice and organized . . . . :)

We’ll come up with something to donate as well. And we invite anyone else who is feeling crafty or generous to donate a prize. And we’ll have as many prizes as there are donations. The winner of the Peep Show will get to pick first, second place picks second, and so on down the line. Good idea? Bad idea? I’m all ears.

Also, we’re thinking of extending the deadline through Sunday, April 4th for the simple reason that sometimes General Conference is a good time to work on projects and a Peep Show might be a fun conference project. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Blegging for Peep Show prizes

  1. Will & I are looking forward to participating…. I will see if I can think of some honorable prize donation as well.

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