Drowning in a Sea of Words (and Pictures)

Drowning in a Sea of Words (and Pictures)

The title of my last post and the previous snow day post are from the book Snow by Uri Shulevitz. It is one of Simon’s (many) favorites. The first time it snowed this season, he stood with Micah on our front steps and said, “I am a boy and you are a dog.” In reference to the line in the book, “‘It’s snowing,’ said boy with dog.” We still get a kick out of that, as you can imagine.I love that Simon loves reading so much. I love it when he makes references to things that we’ve read, or when he pretends to be a character from a book. I love sharing stories that I grew up with and I love finding new treasures that we both enjoy. It’s so exciting to me. Some of my favorite memories are of going to the library, checking out the 21 books that were the maximum number we could have out at a time, and then sitting on the couch with my mom while she read them to us and I’m so happy that Simon seems to get the same joy out of such things.

I thought I’d share some of the books we’re loving these days, for your own enjoyment. And if you have any to recommend, please do so in the comments.
First, A Pair of Red Clogs by Masako Matsuno. I remember my librarian reading this to us when I was in elementary school, then playing the weather-telling game at recess for days afterward. I used it in a Primary activity last week and the kids loved it. They could have kicked their shoes off for hours. I highly recommend it.

Quick as a Cricket by Don and Audrey Wood. I’m a huge fan of the Woods. This one is perfect for Simon’s level, as is Piggies. I remember loving Heckedy Peg back in the day, but I think it may be a bit too much for Simon right now. (Remind me to tell you about how I freaked him out about broken legs and amputations during FHE the other week . . . I’m such a good mom.) Simon also loves The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear.
Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel. As well as the other Frog and Toad books. Of course. I was a little nervous that he wouldn’t be able to stay with me through all of the stories in the book, but he really enjoyed them.

And finally, The Pigeon books by Mo Willems. We’ve been able to get Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog, and The Pigeon Wants a Puppy at our local library, but there are several more. I’ll let Simon read this one to you himself. It’s fun.

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  1. Great reading, Simon! So can he read that well or has he memorized a bit of that book, just curious? Either way, he's doing a great job!

    We love the Llama Llama books…I can't think of the author right now. But we've read Llama Llama Red Pajama and Llama Llama Mad at Mama and loved them both.

  2. He can definitely read the words — if he can't, he asks what they are (like he did with "true"). But I think he knows it well enough that he can go fast. We hadn't checked out this book for more than 6 months, and he read it to me cold right when we brought it home. This recording was the second or third time through, so he knew it a little better and could go faster.

    On the first page he was reading, which I could tell because he skipped a line, which he probably wouldn't have done if he had just memorized it. Some other evidences that he was actually reading were when he was pointing to each of the words and on the page where it says "LET ME DRIVE THE BUS!!!" across the spread and he read it "LET ME THE DRIVE BUS!!!" because that is how it is split up on the pages.

    At least that is what I keep telling myself.

    How do you tell if Clark is reading or if he just knows it? I've been skeptical about Simon for a while, but he's starting to have me convinced that he actually is reading.

  3. I wasn't questioning it really. I mean it seemed to me like he was really reading it…for some of the same reasons you said. Clark does the same thing, if he doesn't know a word, he asks what it says. Plus, I think a lot of reading is just that–word memorization. That's how we read, right? You don't sound out words, you just have seen them enough to know what they are but have the ability to sound out words if they're new to you. So pretty much if Clark reads the same words in different books, I know he knows it and is reading it. It seems like if Simon saw those same words in different sentences, he'd still recognize them. And that equals reading in my book. :)

  4. I knew if anyone would understand, it would be you, Jodie. I'm glad you asked, because I know there were probably other people who were wondering as well and it gave me an excuse to explain. It is hard to know sometimes if he really knows the words or if he just memorized the book, but it is becoming more and more clear that he knows the words — even if he started just by memorizing them.

  5. Samuel loves reading, too, which makes me so happy! (Although I have to admit that Samuel still just looks at pictures, he can't read anything yet.) I used to love Frog and Toad, I remember reading that when I was a kid. I'll have to check out those other ones, they look awesome!

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