"All snowflakes know is snow snow and snow."

"All snowflakes know is snow snow and snow."

It’s been snowing for two days here. How did I not know this storm was coming? Yesterday we stayed in — tossed bean bags, made muffins, learned to roll over, you know, that kind of stuff, and today I decided I was tired of watching all the fun from the window so we bundled up and headed out.
It’s beautiful beautiful beautiful out there. Sure, you can hardly get around, but it’s white and fluffy and fun to drag your feet through. Provided you are wearing boots. And three pairs of pants.

2 thoughts on “"All snowflakes know is snow snow and snow."

  1. Samuel and I had a lot of fun in our big snow storm, it's fun to have something new for them to do. The only sad thing was that I totally didn't have the proper shoes for Samuel, and he almost got frost bite on his feet!! We'll have to be more careful next time, but it was sure fun until his feet started hurting!

  2. It took me all winter to really get into the Snow Spirit this year, and by the time I did, it was just in time for it to all melt away and me to realize that I never once took my kids to a really good sledding hill, though there are several and months worth of opportunities… I just never felt like it. Until the snow was gone. Glad you got to enjoy it!

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