Simon's New Chore (he wishes)

Simon's New Chore (he wishes)

Simon is pretty excited about our new vacuum. He thinks it is his because it is about his size. Ha! I don’t know that I’m ready to share my toy with an almost 3-year-old, but I appreciate his enthusiasm. Let’s hope it lasts until he can actually use the thing.

7 thoughts on “Simon's New Chore (he wishes)

  1. AHHH I dont blame him. I would love I mean LOVE a new vacuum and that is a strangely embarrassing thing to admit.

  2. I totally have a vacuum lover over here too!
    kaiya was really excited because she found a perfectly pink, small working vacuum in the freebie bin a while back. It's just her size and now her chore is to vacuum her room, and she likes to vacuum any room in the house, anytime she spies the tiniest little thing on the floor.
    It's pretty fun for her!

  3. My 3-year-old niece has a toy vacuum that works too. Both she and her mom LOVE it.

    And I'm coveting your Dyson.

  4. I will say that he is extremely proficient at emptying the canister. He's emptied it 3 times today, although I only vacuumed once.

    He is old enough for housework and does a good job of putting his toys and books away and cleaning his room. But he has neither the strength nor the focus to maneuver the vacuum at this point. Plus, I want to roll the Dyson around on its ball. He can't have all the fun. :)

  5. haha. that's awesome. jane really loves to wash dishes. she asks if she can wash dishes. it's strange and wonderful at the same time.
    we tried a dyson for a couple days–it was awesome. happy cleaning!

  6. We didn't have a vacuum in Brooklyn, so I used to borrow Amy's Dyson. I have to say, after using a Dyson, it's really quite awful vacuuming with anything else!! I can definitely understand why Simon would be so excited to give you a hand with it!

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