"Boogers! Boogers, Mom. Boogers!"

"Boogers! Boogers, Mom. Boogers!"

These are the words I heard most this weekend. Hands down. During his “nap,” Simon requested a kleenex in this manner every 10 minutes or less until we all got tired of the charade and naptime ended without the sleeping bit. Kleenexes piled up in various parts of the house as Micah and I tried to conserve them and Simon wandered aimlessly from place to place.We had “big” plans for Friday, which consisted of ordering a pizza and watching the Olympic opening ceremonies. Simon fell asleep long before the ceremonies even started. And then we discovered he had a fever. The cough rattled through his door and woke all of us up some time during the weekend. (Well, maybe not Oliver.)

Saturday’s plans were canceled. Of course, all we were going to do was watch some of our friends’ kids while they went on their hot Valentine’s Day date, but still.And on Sunday I related the fun of our weekend to my family several times (since only a few were available to skype at any given time). “Boogers! Boogers, Mom. Boogers!” By the time I was laughing about it with the last round of skypers (my youngest brother, my older sister, her husband), and telling the newlyweds about the joys of childrearing, I realized something about having (and loving) kids (which Becca and Jon will have to find out on their own, I’m sure): It is very rarely warm and fuzzy. It is, however, very often cold and slimy. Which makes it not necessarily fun, but does make it funny.

One way of showing love is to wipe a snotty nose every 10 minutes. Another way is to ask for your nose to be wiped every 10 minutes.

“Boogers! Boogers, Mom. Boogers!” = “I love you.”

4 thoughts on “"Boogers! Boogers, Mom. Boogers!"

  1. So true. We had some not-so-warm-and-fuzzy moments today and the thought came to me, even when it's horrible…I still love it!

    And I love Simon's hair 😀

  2. Ha ha, very true. My mom always tells us that being a mom makes you a lot more earthy. I understand much better now what she means. ;0)

  3. I know you're right Lizzie, but I'm sure we'll just have to wait and find out! I seriously think you and Micah are the best in preparing Jon for having kids! And me too. Like I have any idea really, what we'll be getting ourselves into!

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