A step-by-step guide to perfect person-drawing.

A step-by-step guide to perfect person-drawing.

Simon would like to demonstrate the proper method of drawing a person. He has ample experience in this artistic field, as demonstrated by the three (3) figures depicted above. (One is partially hidden by his arm.) We have digitally documented the process for your benefit and included captioning for ease of replication.

7 thoughts on “A step-by-step guide to perfect person-drawing.

  1. Wow, I'm really impressed! How did he learn to draw so young?? Seriously, Samuel's no where near being able to actually make lines and circles or anything yet! Way to go, Simon!

  2. The legs are hilarious. I especially love to compare them to the arms. Such long wiggly legs and such short, straight arms.

    And Natalie, I am still surprised that he did it. I started drawing a picture and then he took over and went to town. Usually he is only interested in "drawing" letters. I fear it may have been a flash of brilliance that was quickly extinguished, hence the documentation, but maybe he will surprise me again.

    Jar, you can have a private lesson, but it is going to cost a pretty penny . . .

  3. I love it! Simon looks so modest in that last one. Humility is a wonderful virtue in one with such artistic ability!

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