Scenes from the Brown Couch

Scenes from the Brown Couch

Yesterday I got my flute out to play some Primary songs for the enjoyment of the little people, but soon turned to some of the songs I learned back when I took lessons. I was playing a particularly emotional song and was just reaching the climax when I turned around to look at Oliver, who was sitting on the couch. He looked like he was fighting back tears. One tear even ran down his chubby cheek. But he managed to regain his composure when I stopped playing. I can only assume it was the power of the music that was affecting him so, and not my extremely rusty flute-playing “abilities.” He has a sensitive soul.And also. One day last week I got in the shower and left the door open, as I (almost) always do when I shower so I could peek out and make sure the boys weren’t killing each other. I’d just shampooed my hair when I heard a thud and poked my head out to see what was going on. I thought Simon must have fallen, but one look at the couch tipped me off: Oliver was no longer sitting where I had left him. And then the crying started, and it was Oliver’s little cry. I was already out of the shower, of course, and ran to pick Oliver up off the floor where Simon had lost the strength to carry him any more. Simon claimed he needed to show Oliver some “new animals” in his room. Ha. Oh well. It was the first time, but I’m sure it won’t be the last that Oliver gets hurt as Simon tries to be a good Big Brother. I’m just a little surprised it took 3 months for something like that to happen.

6 thoughts on “Scenes from the Brown Couch

  1. I love that you had shampoo in your hair when you jumped out to save Oliver. I hope you got to finish your shower. :)

  2. Should I confess that it had been more than a year . . . more than a year and a half . . . since I last had the flute out.

    And yes, I did finish my shower. It took Oliver a little while to calm down, but once he did, I hopped back in, rinsed off, then had to change his clothes (which I had gotten all wet) after I got dressed.

    Thanks Abby, I try to be clever sometimes.

  3. I also noticed and loved the name of the Oliver picture.
    What song you were playing that caused Oliver to cry?

  4. Poor Oliver, it's tough being a younger sibling! It's nice of Simon to be trying so hard to be a big brother, though.

    Good job for getting your flute out! I wish I were better about getting my violin out, too. Music really can do wonders! :0)

    Simon looks rather blond in a lot of the pictures you've been putting up. Has his hair gotten lighter, or is is the way the light is hitting it?

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