Official Endorsement: Charlie and Lola

Official Endorsement: Charlie and Lola

For those who have small children and are not acquainted with Charlie and Lola, I invite you to make their acquaintance. Charlie is an awesome big brother, and Lola is . . . well, Lola is small and very funny. Simon has picked up some of their lingo (he’s always talking about having a “streemly, streemly” — extremely, extremely — “happy birthday”), which we don’t mind since they are some of the few children’s characters we aren’t annoyed by in the least. We can’t make a trip to the library these days without looking for a Charlie and Lola book and I’m fine with letting Simon watch a few episodes of the show at a time on YouTube. They are fun to read, fun to watch, and they aren’t really preachy or anything — they are just kids being kids. I should rephrase that: they are just good kids being good kids.

5 thoughts on “Official Endorsement: Charlie and Lola

  1. oh we're with you on this one sister (but what is new?). have been for a while, but i was unaware it was a childrens book as well! i have never seen them. (surprise surprise, byuh kids section and kahuku is a bit limited, but we do get to borders quite a bit.) anyway, ambrose would love to read about chaaaarlie and woda as he calls them. hmmm, his birthday is coming up….

  2. Jane has developed quite the British accent over the past few years watching that show. She used to be Lola, but nowadays she mostly pretends to be Lotta. We get the DVDs from the library every now and then.

    Everything is "extremely very important" or "my favorite and my best."

    The same illustrator has also illustrated a translation of Pippy Longstocking that is "really very quite good and great."

  3. Liz, you summed up exactly why I love this show too. I love the perspective–it is all in the kids' world, and the kids are so good. Not at all perfect, but good. I love the bike riding episode.
    Another favorite around here: Peep and the Big Wide World. They have the best games online. Have you seen Peep?

  4. Fun, we'll have to give it a try! I've pretty much only introduced Samuel to Disney characters so far, simply because I really hate annoying cartoons. It's good to have another option now!

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