I’m feeling pretty hardcore today

I’m feeling pretty hardcore today

because I:

woke up early and went for a run in the rain.
did the laundry with the boys. in the rain.
did the grocery shopping. with the boys. in the rain.
before lunch.
The casualties included our Costco-sized wind-proof umbrella, which, it turns out, is actually not wind-proof — and my record of never having given Simon a time-out in public. A mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do. Unfortunately, the time out did not have the desired effect and we ended up carrying two baskets through the store anyway.

Simon couldn’t stop laughing as I tried to turn our umbrella right side in and keep Oliver dry and out of the wind. At least one of us enjoyed the situation, although Oliver was a pretty good sport about being winded and rained on. I finally gave up on the umbrella and hurried us to the laundromat with it inside-out.

And then I sat on the couch and watched episodes of Chuck and Castle on hulu while folding the laundry. Thing 1 took a long nap in his room. Thing 2 took a short nap on my lap. As I finished folding, the clouds parted, the sun shone. And I shook my fist at it.

6 thoughts on “I’m feeling pretty hardcore today

  1. Good job, you made it through! And now that it's sunny, I think you deserve to go out and enjoy it (even if it's still cold). Hope your umbrella is repairable!!

  2. I enjoy watching Castle. Have you ever seen Firefly? It was a one season show startting Castle's Nathan Fillion, that's also on Hulu.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, Nancy. I have heard of Firefly, but haven't checked it out yet. It's next on my list of laundry-folding distractors.

  4. Whew! Well at least the laundry folding over Hulu in a warm, dry apartment while children nap sounded pleasant. Probably all the more because of the hectic morning!

    I've never heard of Chuck and Castle, I'll have to investigate. I did also enjoy Firefly, though there is some content I was pretty unhappy about. We mostly just watch Bleach these days.

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