It is during this time of year that I seriously question whether leaving Hawaii was the right decision. “I could be at the beach with the boys,” I think as we are huddled on the couch, listening to the wind whistle outside. Or “I could go running every day when Micah gets off work.” Or “I could walk down the street and find a mango to eat.” Or “We could go to the Seasider to have lunch with Micah.” (I am hopeful they’ll still have cinnamon bread and cranberry mayo when we go back to visit, whenever that may be.) But, as we have been reminded by the sage Albus Dumbledore, it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

And so we are trying to come up with things (besides spring) to live for around here. Not that we are in any danger of dying, but as we’re kind of cooped up and afraid of stepping outside unnecessarily, we are trying to come up with ways to “live it up” if you will, rather than always checking to see if spring is here yet. Because, as we learned last year, winter can last an awfully long time and waiting for it to leave can be an exercise in frustration. I’m pretty sure the lingering winter drove me to tears last year.Luckily 2010 is an Olympic year, so already we have something to look forward to in February. And let us not forget that the final season of Lost premieres in 23 days, which will definitely give us something to look forward to each week. Last weekend marked the start of a new year of our baby-sitting co-op, which means that twice a month we’ll get to go out on a date and once a month we get to watch 4 additional little munchkins for an evening (thank heaven for our “jumping pad”). And then we have a few projects as well. I’m committing myself to making these slippers, as well as a bedspread/duvet cover for our bed (provided I can find some fabric I like — thanks Stephanie R. for the inspiration). Maybe we’ll finish up our “baby-due” list and finally get some pictures up on our walls.

We’ll see how it goes . . . and we welcome any other ideas/suggestions (especially about how to keep a toddler entertained — which I am really bad at).

6 thoughts on “Pacing

  1. 1. Whenever I get sick of the cold and think I might want to go back to a tropical climate, I force myself to remember all the icky parts of living there (sweating 24/7, bugs, no hot water, cockroaches, mosquitos, etc.).

    2. I can't wait for Lost!! I really want to finally know what in the world is going on. I wish we could have another Lost party to celebrate. :0)

    3. Good luck with finding stuff to do! You can always try to hit museums on free days???

  2. Natalie, I'm glad you are here to remind me. I think the big thing for me was I never got the rhythm of the "seasons" down, so it always felt like summer, and I had no concept of the passage of time. That really drove me crazy.

    And thanks for the reminder about museums. We'll head to the children's museum on Wednesday afternoon for sure.

  3. My mom says teaching us kids the violin saved her during her "tough winter days" as a stay at home mom (We started when we were three). I'm not sure how I'm going to involve my three-year-olds in something I am passionate about — so I'm counting on you to lead the way 😉

    Take care Lizzie! You're an amazing mom and an amazing individual! I admire your drive and the way you live your dreams!

    ps We wish we were closer so we could play more often!

  4. Check out past posts on Jodie's blog. She is the master at coming up with stuff to keep smart kids busy!

    I like baking with the kids. Not so healthy, typically, but hey, it keeps the house warm! They love to pour in the ingredients, shape cookies, cut out cookies, frost cookies, use sprinkles… my new favorite treat is pretzel turtles: get those waffle pretzels, rolos (look for holiday clearance!), and pecan halves. The little guy will love unwrapping those candies and stacking them on top of the pretzels. Put them in a 200 degree oven just until they start to soften, and press a pecan half on top. Voila. Turtles. The only hard part is waiting for them to cool…

    Plus, you can save the wrappers to glue onto paper for another time filler. Good luck enjoying the stay-at-home winter time!

  5. I am sure Simon would love to help with cooking. It will test my patience, but it will probably be worth it. And I've tried some of the things from Jodie's blog . . . Simon just doesn't seem interested in anything I try. It ends up being, "You do it, Mom," which is so unlike him (see previous post). But maybe he was just too young or something.

  6. Have you tried shaving cream on the mirror? Asher LOVES to draw with shaving cream on the mirror.
    Also, we're a fan of dance parties. Turning on silly music, dancing around. Asher loves to shred old paper so, we get old magazines from people and he just goes to town. And, sometimes we talk about all the things in the magazine (so be sure it's a good one! :)

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