December 28, 2009 – Mon

December 28, 2009 – Mon

Five years today. Funny how even though it is really a normal day, it isn’t. I’ve been able to remember back to what it was like when we were dating and catch glimpses of important moments from the past five years and to generally look more deeply and intently on our relationship so that I’ve seen it in a way that I haven’t seen it in a long time — in the big picture/grand scheme of things kind of way. And, granted, this was happening in between Oliver’s feedings and Simon’s requests and running errands and deciding how to make the day special with two small children, a small budget, and the cold temperatures, (we ended up ordering in Mexican and renting Harry Potter 6 from iTunes and promising ourselves we’ll go see a show in a week or two when the tourists have all gone home) but in doing so I think I was able to catch glimpses of what the next several years can bring as well. The kids will be older, we will (I hope) have more breathing room financially, and Micah and I will keep growing together as we have been doing for the past five years.

I am happy that we still laugh as much as we do, that even though we anticipate the jokes, we still find them funny. I am happy that we are not afraid to try new things or to do things differently or to leap before we know where we are going to land. And I am happy that even when both the boys are screaming and the apartment could use some cleaning and we hardly have any food in the fridge* that we can still make eyes at each other across the table and play footsie under it, even while we are each occupied with calming the kids and we can’t even hear each other talk. In short, I think we are doing well.


(yes, this is my journal entry from a few days ago)

*because we are too lazy to go out in the cold and buy some, not because we are destitute.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Five years, that's a pretty great milestone. :0) I'm glad they've been such great ones!

  2. Cute. Thanks for sharing this one with us- I'm still trying to not fear experimenting with new things- specifically with my cooking! I've got plenty of good recipes thanks to you!

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