The wee one.

The wee one.

I’ve had a request for more pictures of this guywho as of today weighs 12 lbs. 4 oz. (44th percentile), is 23 inches tall (31st percentile), and except for a clogged tear duct and a lingering belly button issue is “a perfect baby,” according to his pediatrician. I couldn’t agree more.

Except that he also got two shots today and he’s been screaming his lungs sore if we put him down or move him or shift positions. Or breathe too loudly. But other than that, perfect.

And what the heck, here’s another picture. Just because I think he’s cute.

4 thoughts on “The wee one.

  1. He's going to be so big the next time I see him for real! Please keep posting pictures!! Thanks for the Christmas ones too- I realize that they are more recent than these. Ü

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