Your Favorite Christmas Music

Your Favorite Christmas Music

We finally topped off Lizzie’s NYU gift card that she won last year by buying a couple of iTunes gift cards. And, rather than follow the true spirit of the holidays by giving them away to those we love, we are going to hoard them and buy ourselves some nice Christmas music for this year and years to come. So far our collection is a combination of MoTab albumns, very random pirated music from my sketchier, pre-Lizzie days, some iTunes Store free downloads, and a nice mixed-tape album from a coworker. So once again, we are asking you to make our decisions for us.

If you had a couple thousand pennies to spend on holiday tunes, what would you get? What do you have that you would recommend? What do wish you had? What should we avoid? We know that you all are much more musically inclined then we are so we would love your advice.


9 thoughts on “Your Favorite Christmas Music

  1. Get Rockapella's version of "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch," Jars of Clay's "Drummer Boy," and Boney M's "Mary's Boy Child." Those are three of my favorites.

    (Yeah, you don't know me; I'm one of those long-time-readers, first-time-commenters. But I think y'all are cool and I love Christmas music too.)

  2. Sufjan Stevens Christmas is my favorite, but I just found out that Brushfire Records (Jack Johnson, Mason Jennings, Zee Avi, G Love, etc.) put out an album called Brushfire Holiday.

    If you had to pick just one song, get "The Friendly Beasts" by Sufjan Stevens. It's an old french Christmas song.

  3. I second The Friendly Beasts AND Sufjan Stevens (who I heard speak at a Modern Islam conference in London. His story is incredible).

    To just build up your collection, Amazon gives away a free Christmas mp3 for the first 25 days of December each year. Some of it's junk (avoid the explicit Slower than Christmas and Lady Gaga) but I found a few new ones I like. And they work with iTunes. Here's a link:

    I've enjoyed Diana Krall's "Christmas Songs" this year.

    Vince Guaraldi's Charlie Brown piano music is classic and really good.

    And I liked Sixpence None the Richer's Christmas music.

    Have fun and Merry Christmas!!!

  4. sufjan stevens christmas for sure. home alone soundtrack (????) (dont ask. it just means christmas to me…..) and the little women soundtrack which i realize isnt necessarily christmas…. but. there you go.

    oh and maybe some good old bing crosby.

  5. We have a Bing Crosby CD we like. It has a fun Jingle Bells (When my son was 2, we wore out the cassette tape) and Mele Kelikimaka. I'd also suggest The Nutcracker Suite, or at least certain of its songs, like Waltz of the Flowers. Happy Shopping!

  6. Our most frequently played Christmas CD's are Bing Crosby, Charlie Brown, and, believe it or not, Christina Agueillera (blame Chris) (but it IS actually good). Excited that I got Christmas CD's for all the parents and Chris, will let you know later about them. (Got James Taylor, Diana Krall, Michael Buble, a traditional one, and *shudder* Sarah MacLaughlin)

  7. I'm going to have to add my support for Sufjan Stevens–the kids love it, too. "The Friendly Beasts" is great, as is his version of "Come Thou Fount." Like Brad said, the Brushfire album looks promising. I'm always partial to the Carpenters and the Osmonds, because I grew up with their Christmas albums. Oh, and Squirrel Nut Zippers have some fun songs, like "Christmas in Carolina."

  8. Songs from US! : ) (no, we didn't sing on a CD but, instead of a Christmas card, we have been known to send out CD's.) And, there are some cool Jack Johnson Christmas songs, I love Karen Carpenter and, Jordan suggests Manheim Steamroller. relient K has some good stuff too ("I Celebrate the day" and more)

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