Shoelaces in the cold.

Shoelaces in the cold.

Does anyone else find themselves retying their shoelaces more often during the winter? Micah claims the season has the power to undo his shoes: as soon as the cold weather hits, he has to stop multiple times during the day to retie his laces. My shoes are lace-less, so I don’t have a problem. Is he crazy, or is it true?

4 thoughts on “Shoelaces in the cold.

  1. Try tying your laces in a square knot. That's the only solution! (no seriously – if you cross over on the initial tie, cross under with your bunny ears)

  2. I hate to call Micah crazy, but if anything, I have to retie my laces more often during the warmer season. Although, I think I wear shoes with shoelaces less often during the winter, so that may affect my perception.

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