Dr. Phil doesn't want me after all. Phew.

Dr. Phil doesn't want me after all. Phew.

This is what happened: I got an e-mail on Thursday from somebody who works on the Dr. Phil show. She said they were doing a piece on new parenting styles (ranging from helicopter parent to free-range parent) and that they’d read my overachiever piece from Babble.com and they wanted to talk to me and would I be available to fly out to LA for the taping next Tuesday? (That is where the part about “sorta kinda” being invited to be on the show came in.) Please call her asap as she was on deadline.

I called her back and we talked for a few minutes. She wanted to know how I would describe my parenting style and I can only assume that they were looking for someone close to the “helicopter” end of the spectrum and thought from my Babble piece that I just might fit the bill. I told them that I intentionally wrote the piece to sound extreme to highlight the points that I was trying to make, and I think that, generally speaking, I am more hands-off than that. But I do think it is important to be aware of my child’s gifts and interests and to encourage and help him to develop those as much as I can. I told her I was available to fly out if they wanted me to be at the taping, and she wanted me to send some pictures of our family, so I did. I haven’t heard back so my guess is that a. we’re not pretty enough to be on national tv or b. I’m not helicopterish enough to be on national tv or c. I don’t speak well enough over the phone to be on national tv. Those are my guesses.

But now I have a great story to tell the next time I play “Two Truths and a Lie,” without the stress and anxiety of trying to talk about the complexities of parenting in sound bites.

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