100 snowflakes by Christmas

100 snowflakes by Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like . . . winter. At least in side our apartment. We don’t have our Christmas tree up yet — that’s a project for tomorrow — but we’ve been busy decking the walls with handmade snowflakes. (Don’t you love that word? Handmade? Makes it sound . . . crafted. Like we don’t just randomly cut up bits of paper and hope it turns out okay.) We’re hoping to have a hundred by Christmas, although it shouldn’t be a problem. We’ve been turning out at least 5 a night and we only need to do 3 a night to reach our goal. I love to see how differently they all turn out, and how beautiful they all are, even though I have no skills or vision of what I want them to be.Conclusion: cutting out snowflakes is fun.

7 thoughts on “100 snowflakes by Christmas

  1. Those are beautiful. I made some snowflakes with the kids I watch. I had forgotten how festive and creative they are :)

  2. I am way impressed by your snowflakes! They are REALLY good! Mine can't even compare… And they look great on your bright wall!

  3. Gosh those are gorgeous. Now I'm embarrassed to post the ones we did. But Clark was helping, so I can at least use that as some of my excuse. :)

  4. you guys are the most crafty, creative family!! Those look great! I don't even know if I remember how to cut out snowflakes! =)

  5. Those really are beautiful! One of the teacher's I work with came in and thought they were painted on the wall like the grandfather clock. I had to explain how cool and crafty you guys are. Maybe I'll have my students make some next week… you've inspired me. And the fact that these kids only listen to me if we're talking about Christmassy stuffy are two very good reasons why we should make them!

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