It was delicious.

It was delicious.

Once again we went all out for Thanksgiving. A fifteen pound turkey. Four homemade pies. Stuffing, potatoes, carrots. Vanilla bean, chocolate froyo, lemon buttermilk ice cream. The works. Eight adults. Four children. One round of the loser game. (I lost.)
And one 12-layer cherry chocolate birthday cake for me after everyone left. My husband is the best.

5 thoughts on “It was delicious.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving/Birthday! That cake looks amazing. So does the rest of your food. I lost the last time we played the loser game. I still have yet to see Carlos lose.

  2. This is awesome! I always love your photos of the food. Your birthday must be on the same day as my husband's. But, sadly, I didn't make him a huge cake like that awesome one. I made him make us 3 pies for Thanksgiving (from the awesome cook book you guys showed us!) So, he had pumpkin, apple and pecan pies for his birthday. Hope all your boys are doing great Lizzie!

  3. Wow, I thought after our Thanksgiving I wouldn't be hungry for at least a week, but those pictures are definitely making me hungry again!!! Glad it was such a great day!

  4. The food was delicious! Thanks again for a fantastic Thanksgiving. And thanks for posting a picture of the cake- it turned out incredible! I don't know how the heck you guys do what you- that was just something you imagined Micah? Sheesh! Ü

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