Passing it on

Passing it on

This is the chair I sit in when I wake up to nurse Oliver. We’ll often sit in it and rock him to sleep before we go to bed ourselves. Micah was likely rocked in this chair as well. And Micah’s mom. And even Micah’s grandma, from whom we inherited it from when she died last year.
I’m claiming it as the symbol for my thanks this year. I am thankful for it as a place to rock my children, but I am more thankful for it for all that it represents. It represents the gift of family and heritage in all its many forms. It represents the connection I have with friends who are also young mothers of young children. It represents places of calm and comfort in otherwise chaotic times. It represents strength to withstand difficult times. It represents peace and love that is passed down from generation to generation, which I have freely received and which I hope to generously pass on.

2 thoughts on “Passing it on

  1. well said well said! i feel that connection too- well the one about the young mothers especially- but just a heritage of nurturing in general and love that i have friends like you who are good and true to share it with.

  2. How amazing to have such a significant chair! It's really neat to have such a great connection to the past and present. Thanks for sharing!

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