Photoshoot #2

Photoshoot #2

Here are some photos from the shoot my sister-in-law did. I’m so glad she was able to squeeze us into her busy schedule. I loved seeing Simon respond to her posing suggestions. He also did a great job following directions — at least when we asked him to hug and kiss Oliver. And Oliver. Ah, Oliver. The photoshoot was the only time the whole day that he was both awake and happy. What luck. The only thing wrong with the photos? Me. Why on earth did I not think to change out of the shirt I wore to bed? Or even look in the mirror to see if maybe my hairdo (which I’d been styling all night long) might need a little bit of help? Good thing I’m not in many of the pictures. Another bonus: Summer found some great places to take pictures right by where we live. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of those spots again.

11 thoughts on “Photoshoot #2

  1. Oh my word! These pictures are SOOO cute!! I love all of them. And Lizzie, I know you weren't fishing for compliments, but you totally look great in these pictures (and I love your hair).

  2. I agree, you look lovely! Summer's got talent, those are definitely some keepers! Your boys are adorable! I can see some personality in some of those pictures.

  3. I know I'm just re-stating the obvious but, these are great shots! I hope to have 2 adorable little guys one day!

  4. Those are great pictures! I think my favorites are the first and the last ones. What a great little family you have!! And Simon looks like he's grown a ton since we last saw him!!!

    On a side note, Samuel still asks at least once a week to see "Simon with blocks." That is a pretty awesome video!

  5. Very cute – and good job, Simon (I always tell the wee ones to "smell" the newborns hair and see if it smells like Strawberries – looks like a kiss 😉

    How fun to have such keepsakes :)

  6. Your boys are so adorable and Oliver looks so much like his dad. And your shirt looks really cute to me, so I'm not sure what you're talking about.

  7. I think the last four are my ABSOLUTE favorites. (I'd love copies, actually, if you wouldn't mind emailing them.) Too bad Micah couldn't be there, too :( but these will be so wonderful to have!

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