Photoshoot #1

Photoshoot #1

I’ve been trying to teach myself to use my camera more and more lately and since we’ve had some lovely weather this week, I took the boys to the playground yesterday for some photo action. It was fun. And when I say “fun,” I mean, I laughed at myself. Some shots turned out really well, some were really washed out, and some where just hilarious. But I’m learning and becoming more confident with the Nikon. Here are a few of the results.

Not really sure why I like this one, but I do.

Stiff as a board. (But I love that I got Simon in the background.)

Too lazy to rotate . . . but look at the faces. Ha.
So peaceful and . . . skeptical.
Look at my cute little newborn in his fuzzy blue bear suit lying on the fallen leaves. Screaming his head off. So precious.

And the close-up of the screaming. Makes your heart melt, doesn’t it?
One that I actually think turned out really well.

And I need to work on my aim, apparently.

I’ll try to post some tomorrow from the photoshoot my sister-in-law did, just so we can compare and contrast. Or maybe not. She’s much better than me with a camera.

4 thoughts on “Photoshoot #1

  1. Those are awesome Lizzie! Did I tell you that Jon and I got a Nikon? I can't tell you which one… because I can't remember! But we're taking it with us this week and my goal is to play around and experiment with it. I think you did a great job. Before reading your captions the one of Simon on the playground caught my eye- I think it turned out really well too! Nice work!

  2. Can I tell you how much I thought about "A Christmas Story" while going through these? I just love that Oliver is looking like a board. But complete agreeance with Becca, good job on all of them.

  3. Jarom, there's nothing anonymous about your tone or humor. 😉

    I'm so glad you put these up Lizzie! I can't get enough of my nephews.

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