Yes, he did this himself.

Yes, he did this himself.

Last picture of blocks on the floor, I promise. And I reserve the right to break that promise if he spells anything else that makes me laugh out loud. Maybe some time I’ll get a video of him singing the “K-I-S-S-I-N-G” song that taught him how to spell this. You know the one. “Mom and Dad, sitting in a tree . . . .”

6 thoughts on “Yes, he did this himself.

  1. He learned it from me. He asked one day for me to sing a kissing song (I don't know where that came from), and that was the only kissing song I could think of. He loved it, of course, and asked me to sing it, like, 10 times in a row. And then he started singing it himself. :)

  2. not only is he a prodigy but the blocks are so stylish and cool. where can i blatantly copy … uh, i mean buy some?

  3. Ah, the blocks. You can get them from Uncommon Goods, which, not coincidentally, is where Micah works. Just go to The more of you that buy the blocks the better because then maybe they'll have a great holiday season and then maybe we'll get a great bonus. Buy buy buy! Please.

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