We’ve gotten several spam comments on a post written more than a year ago — our first since we started blogging way back when. So we’ve enabled the word verification for comments. I feel like we’re the last people I know to do such a thing and it makes me a little sad for some reason.

3 thoughts on “Security

  1. I just noticed a few on some that I posted a few months ago. Do you think the word verification would work? I mean, on mine, they aren't spam comments necessarily, but they are comments from a random man in India whom I don't know or can't find a connection to. I really don't want to have to go private…I wonder if the word verification would do any good in my situation? Anyways, I hope it fixes yours!

  2. Interesting… I've had two or three spam comments on my photoblog in the last week – and those are the first ever that I've seen! On that blog I actually do have comments moderated. But it reminds me that I probably ought to enable it on my other blog too.

  3. I don't even know if I have word verification enabled or not. I reserved the right to reject comments, though, because one time I had somebody put a bad link on my blog. Why are some people just out to be jerks?? Oh well, it's always fun to see the "words" they come up with for the word verification. ;0)

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