Have you photographed your newborn’s phalanges today?

Have you photographed your newborn’s phalanges today?

I have. Several times.

Also, Babble.com finally published the piece I wrote back in June . . . read it here. And feel free to boost my rating while you’re at it. :)

9 thoughts on “Have you photographed your newborn’s phalanges today?

  1. That was awesome! My theory is to ignore the "experts" and do what we moms think best!!! You are such a great mom!

  2. I totally boosted your rating, and I don't even know what to do with the thought of having to be responsible for a kids well being in so many ways.
    It is nuts to think that you doing flashcards too early will make your kid act out, or be "that" kid. But whatever. I'm not having kids any time soon, so I'll just enjoy my play time before I have to grow up and be a mom.

  3. i boosted you too :) and dang you and your awesome babble publishing. please teach me your ways – i am so proud and so jealous. congrats!

  4. Hey Lizzie! Your writing is great. And, it's getting people talking. I know Simon is a great kid. Smart? Yes. Undeniably so. But, look at his parents! Will he be quiet? Possibly. But, that's not bad, not at all.

    I'm so proud to know you! You're very talented. And, a mom who cares deeply for her children. I think it's awesome that you are brave to write and be published.

  5. I boosted your rating too! As I was reading I couldn't help but think, "that's my sister!!" Ü I totally admire you and Micah and think you're fantastic parents. Makes me wonder what we were like when we were little. I feel like I should remember… but we had a good childhood, right? I mean, you were reading at a ridiculously young age and would have started Kindergarten much earlier if it had been offered you. Sounds to me like Simon takes after his mother.

  6. Very good article, thanks for sharing it! I always feel like you shouldn't force your kid to do anything (well, except brushing teeth and that kind of thing). If he wants to learn letters and numbers, then that's what you should do with him. If he wasn't interested yet, then I think forcing him could be bad. But if he's interested, that's awesome!! :0)

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