Laundry B(ig)asket

Laundry B(ig)asket

We don’t always have the best sense of proportion. Or size. Or something like that. Every now and then we’ll come up with a project, do a bunch of calculations, get to work, and then be totally shocked at the results. Case in point, the laundry basket. This was one of the final projects on our “baby due” list and the one that was in the works for the longest. Micah came up with the design months ago and then it sat on the bottom of the project pile until we couldn’t stand it any more. In the final weeks of pregnancy we put it all together, and then when it was completed, we stood back and laughed at ourselves. The basket was huge. Ginormous. How had we miscalculated so grossly? We would clearly never be able to fill the entire thing. I told Micah that if I really needed something to make me laugh while I was in labor, just point to the laundry basket.
And then Oliver was born and we were forced to laugh at ourselves again. Never be able to fill the whole thing? Or maybe we’d fill it to overflowing on the first try . . . . It took Micah two trips to the laundromat do the laundry. We filled four washing machines. Babies. Such amazing laundry-generating capabilities in such small packages.

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  1. Ha ha, that's awesome. The things you forget after the first time around. ;0) What a fun picture of Simon, too!

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