Once again the bulk of the Halloween costume construction this year fell to Micah. Which is probably okay, since he is much better at such things than I am. I gathered the materials as best I could while we were still waiting for Oliver to arrive, but I wasn’t totally successful. The green pajamas eluded me. As did the green socks that I had hoped to use in their place. And the green Rit dye to dye the white socks we eventually got also remained unfound by yesterday afternoon. Food coloring didn’t do the job, so, in desperation, we turned to last year’s supply of Rit dye, which was blue. It was better than nothing and blue socks did the job just fine. We put the finishing touches on the costume this morning and by 3:00 this afternoon we were ready to unleash our creation on the world.
He’s a frog, in case you couldn’t tell. Please pardon the left eye for falling backwards on Simon’s head. It is, apparently, a bit lazy.
This one was going to be a tadpole. If he hadn’t taken his sweet to time getting here, we may have felt more comfortable taking him out for a little bit. For the sake of pictures, I wrapped him in some of the leftover fabric from Simon’s costume and put the frog hat — much too big — on his head. If you squint, maybe you can pretend it is a decent costume. Or maybe he’ll just continue to be my pea in the pod, as he has been for the past nine months. A blue pea, but still . . . it’s something. Oh, and Happy Halloween. Have fun, be safe. Get more treats than tricks.

6 thoughts on “Ribbit!

  1. very cute idea! i still haven't quite recovered from the cuteness that was last years costume- brilliance all around.

  2. I'm impressed that you had a costume for Oliver, since he was born so recently! And Simon is one very cute frog, I hope you had a fun Halloween!!!

  3. So cute! I'm glad to see some evidence of Halloween. This year sure didn't feel like Halloween to me! Our school didn't dress up and we were at the U game that night, so I missed all the cute little trick-or-treaters. It's to see that it really did happen! Ü

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