The Results

The Results

We finally buckled down and tallied the points from September Showdown. Figured we probably better do it before it was suddenly November. Micah and I both filled out a bracket, and since they didn’t match exactly, we scored each submission against both of ours, then added the two scores together to get the final scores. One point was awarded for a matching answer in the first round, two points for matching in the second round, three in the third, etc. Several people did have Oliver as the champion, so that in itself did not determine the winner. And here are the results:
Once again, Jamie Bailey is the winner. Her bracket matched mine most closely. And because Becca Frazier’s matched Micah’s most closely, she will be receiving a prize as well. Becca, I apologize that it says Becca B. on the chart . . . old habits die hard. On a related note, we have officially exhausted the list of boys’ names that we agree on. If we have another kid, it better be a girl.

9 thoughts on “The Results

  1. I realized a few days ago that I failed to fill in a couple blanks in my bracket, so that hurt my score. Oh well! That sure is a cute picture of Oliver.

  2. That's pretty awesome that you had so many people fill out the brackets, that was a really fun idea. I'd be curious to see how you and Micah both filled it out.

    That's a great picture of Oliver, BTW – he has so much hair!! Lucky guy, Samuel was pretty much bald until he hit 18 months. ;0)

  3. Hey, next time you have a baby and we fill out these brackets, can we please put down some money? I'm two for two, and feeling lucky.

    I'll say it again – I love the name you chose!

  4. Hmmm . . . money, eh? We'll have to consider such a thing . . . . Oh, and Stephanie, you weren't the only one who got to the championship and then forgot to pick a winner. That's six points if you'd picked Oliver.

    Thanks again, everyone, for playing.

  5. I'm so glad I filled out a bracket! The funny thing about you writing Becca B. on the chart is that it didn't even phase me. I wasn't positive that it was me because I wasn't sure how I'd done, but I think I'm still getting used to being Becca F. Thanks for inviting us to participate! And cute cute picture of Oliver! Ü

  6. I think he looks more like Micah, too, at this point. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he stays that way. I think Micah is very handsome. :)

  7. He is so stinkin' cute! Love the hairdo, man. I cannot wait to meet him but I have no idea when that will be… you guys comin' out for Christmas by any chance?

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