Introducing . . .

Introducing . . .

Oliver Preston Heiselt
7 lbs. 7 oz.
20 3/4 inches long

For Micah’s birthday yesterday we went to an Indian restaurant with the express purpose of getting me the hottest dish I could handle and hoping for the best. It seems to have worked. At 3:00ish this morning my water broke. At 7:30 am we went to the hospital. At 9:27 am he was born. I may post more later, but here are some pictures for now. Mother and child are well, as are the father and the other child. We appreciate all your well wishes, prayers, and happy thoughts.

25 thoughts on “Introducing . . .

  1. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you – and love the name you have given him. Can't wait to see more pictures and learn more about him.

    When are you going to announce that I won your name showdown? I DID have Oliver as winning the championship, you know. :)

  2. No fair, Jamie won last's years as well! :)

    Cute pictures! Thanks for posting so quickly! And I can't wait to hear more. Congrats!

  3. Congratulations!!
    He's beautiful and you look incredible, Lizzie. I love the name Oliver. Can't wait to hear more in several weeks :)

  4. Wahoo!!! Good work Lizzie, you are certainly a rock star mama. You and Micah certainly know how to make adorable baby boys 😀

  5. A BIG CONGRATS on the new arrival! He is adorable and Mama looks amazing! I'm excited to hear how it all went down!

  6. Jodie posted on Facebook that she has a new nephew and it raised my suspicions that it was you. Alas. I am correct! CONGRATULATIONS….and I LOOOOOVE the name!

  7. oh how exciting! he looks like his brother. You look extremely perfect, I cannot believe you just gave birth in that picture!

    Also I chose Oliver too as the winner! And I was pretty certain that I had guessed the right name, because it goes really well with Simon and it's so you guys. I'm good :)

  8. Yeah!!! It sounds like things went well! He is so precious! And I really love the name. Good luck with everything!

  9. Congrats! He looks just like Simon…and I love the name. I tried to use Oliver for Chase, but I couldn't talk Landen into it. :) I'm really happy for you!

  10. Wow! You look fantastic Lizzie! And Oliver is adorable! That picture with Simon is so cute!! Sounds like quite a few of us chose Oliver as our final name- I have to agree that it's so you guys, and goes so well with Simon, that it just made sense to choose it! Ü Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

  11. He is beautiful! Congratulations, Heiselt Family! I hope you're recovering well, and Simon's adjusting. I wish I could be there!!

  12. Thanks so much for all the nice comments. Everyone is doing well. They even agreed to let Lizzie go home this afternoon. The only hang up is that Oliver can't go home until tomorrow. So they will be having another night in the hospital. Sigh.

    As far as the September Showdown goes, we are excited to start tallying up the votes. A lot of you picked Oliver (apparently we are predictable) so it will come down to how well you voted on the other face-offs. We'll let you know soon.

  13. CONGRATS! Lizzie, you do not look like you just gave birth(according to my limited knowledge of what someone should look like after giving birth.) You look like you just took a stroll, sat down, and they plopped your baby into your arms! What a cute family!

  14. CONGRATS!!!!! That is so exciting, what a great name, too! He is a very cute little guy, I'm sure that Simon is very proud to be his big brother. I can't wait to see more pictures!! :0)

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