The LOSER Sign

The LOSER Sign

So, while we’re waiting for something more exciting to happen (like being able to burn these infernal maternity clothes and pull out the jeans again . . . ), let me explain the LOSER sign. The one that was hanging on the sad-faced pig on our bookcase, as pictured above. The pig was a gift to Micah from a friend of his. A reminder to save his pennies so he could go to Cancun at the end of one summer when he was in college. It’s from Mexico and apparently Mexican piggy banks are made to look grumpy so you won’t break them. That is the story behind that. Oh, and he did indeed go to Cancun and have a wonderful time and came back with a tan that you wouldn’t believe and that he still dreams of one day re-attaining.

And the sign. The sign is for the loser of The Loser Game to wear once s/he has lost. If you haven’t played The Loser Game, just know that it is fun and we hope we have the chance to add your name to our sign sometime. You see, everyone wins in The Loser Game, except for one person. That person must write his/her name on the back of the sign and wear it through the next round of the game. During that round, the other players may refer to the loser as “Loser” and remind the loser of his/her task, which is to clear the deck from the middle of the table when the correct cards are played. Our particular sign is made to be incredibly awkward to wear, just so you don’t forget you’ve got it on. We’re nice that way. Once a person’s name is on the sign, if s/he loses again, a checkmark is placed next to his/her name, but really, we would like to just get as many names as we can on it. Because it is fun.

As a warning, The Loser Game may not be for everyone. Sensitive teenage girls are liable to take the moniker to heart if they lose, and then refuse to play the game even five years later, citing deep emotional scars and therapy bills that student loans will not cover.

9 thoughts on “The LOSER Sign

  1. Oh the Loser game. Sigh. What good times! I think I'm checking your blog more times than is normal for any person! Would you please just have him already?!! Ü

  2. You should see the t-shirt we created for this game. Its awesome. And who on earth could ever be offended by someone repeatedly shouting loser in their face? 😉

    P.S. I'm pretty sure it wasn't five years. It was probably more like three. 😀

  3. Well, Sar, it has been 5 years that Micah has been part of the family. I can't imagine it took 2 years for him to introduce it to the family.

  4. by the way- when will you post about all the cool names i offered up in behalf of your child since i am sure mine is the whining choice! haha!

  5. Oh, and Becca, if you think you are finding out about the baby via the blog, you are gravely mistaken. And I would love to have him already. It's a shame he seems content to just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. He'll probably weigh 20 lbs. by the time he decides to come out.

  6. I don't think we ever got to play the Loser game, but it sounds like a pretty good one. Hopefully you'll get a chance to teach us someday.

  7. oh the loser game, of course! I should have known.
    just kidding, I have no idea what the loser game is, but it sounds kinda sad. haha

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