Will it ever get old?

Will it ever get old?

One of my favorite things is to walk into Simon’s room after his nap and see what words he has written with his blocks. Sometimes it takes a minute to figure out what was intended (as with the “down” a couple of posts ago). But the other day I saw what he had written and . . . well, I wondered what I had done to prompt such a thing.
Had I told him he was bad? Had I implied that he was bad with my impatience? Or was it simply because we’d been reading “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” and talking about how some are sad and some are glad and some are very, very bad.

It wasn’t until I was putting him to bed that night that I got some answers.

“Simon what words did you write today?” I asked, pointing to the blocks.

“Simon. Mom. Dad.” (“Mom” had appeared sometime after his nap.)

“But Simon, that’s a ‘b.’ It says ‘bad.'”

“No. Actually, a ‘d.’ Spells ‘Dad.'”

Mystery solved. I guess.

Darn those b’s and d’s. They are so tricky.

5 thoughts on “Will it ever get old?

  1. Wow! Darn those b's and d's is right! My second graders struggle with reversals like no other- particularly with those. I think Simon has a good headstart on the spelling thing and imagine it won't take him long to master the difference between those awful b's and d's.

  2. smart, all right! ahonui can STACK his blocks pretty good. but i bet simon did that at like 3 months. lol!

  3. Go Simon Go!

    I have to say… we worry so much about our kids when they are small, if I remember correctly both you and Jodie had concerns with your boys' speech development at one point and now they are both reading at ridiculously early ages and using words like "actually!" Love it!

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