A picture for you belly people

A picture for you belly people

Well, there it is. My 39-week belly. May it disappear soon, if only because it has gotten rather chilly all of a sudden and I find myself with no warm clothes that will accommodate a volleyball sized lump in the abdominal area. Oh, and actually having a baby sounds pretty nice right about now, too. I think we’re all ready for a little less conversation and a little more action around these parts.

10 thoughts on “A picture for you belly people

  1. yes yes i agree with these two commenters- how come you dont look beastly??? i told myself that's what happens when you're pregnant with your second.

    anyway, may he come soon and may he sleep well so you can!

  2. Ya'll are too kind. I definitely carry compactly, if nothing else. And for some reason I think I am smaller the second time around than the first. Not at all what I was expecting.

  3. i knew it…

    you DO look great!! i wish i looked that good at 5 months let alone 39 weeks. hope to see pix of little babyjuice soon! =)

  4. All baby. Super cute. But while you may be cute all preggo…I'm positive you'll be happier un-preggo with babe in arms…can't wait to see the lil guy!!! Good luck! Remember all your air for filling those balloons and then blowing them to heaven 😉

  5. Sorry I know this comment comes a little bit slow, but you carried a 39-week belly like nothing, you looked so great.

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